A powerful HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) platform that combines compute, storage, networking and management into a single, scalable solution.


What is OSSEA?

OSSEA (Open Source, Scaleable, Engineered Architecture) is a new generation of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) that removes the limitations of legacy solutions available on the market, and since it comes with a fully integrated enterprise-ready hypervisor and backup solution you can avoid the costly licenses and appliances you typically see from other vendors.


How does OSSEA HCI work?

Picture a data centre, with your various pieces of IT hardware scattered around – your servers processing data, your storage keeping your data safe, and your network keeping everything connected. Now, imagine if you could bring all these pieces together in one place, like a conductor leading an orchestra, to create a harmonious symphony of tech. That’s exactly what HCI does!

At the heart of OSSEA is some seriously clever software that virtualises all your required IT resources. This means it takes all those physical components – your servers, your storage devices, your networking gear – and turns them into virtual entities that can be managed and manipulated from a single, user-friendly interface.

By virtualising all your equipment, you can conjure up new servers, expand your storage, or tweak your network settings with just a few clicks. And the best part? Because everything is virtualised, you’re not tied down by the limitations of physical hardware. You can mix and match components, scale up or down on the fly, and adapt to whatever challenges come your way.

DIMENSION HCI combines five core components into a single, unified, scalable software solution.





Disaster Recovery


Why choose OSSEA?

OSSEA is a powerful platform, but why should you consider it? Well, here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll realise from day one …

Scale without limits

There are no limitations on scale with OSSEA, it’s a true web scale solution that is suitable for large public and private cloud installations. Storage and compute can be scaled independently if required, giving you the ability to scale without limits.

Release the full power of your investment

We don’t rely on separate controller services, such as controller VMs or SANs. This means that the overhead for storage operations is typically less than 2%, giving you a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than other HCI solutions.

Support your cloud vision

OSSEA can be deployed as an on-premises appliance, within a data centre as a multi-tenant cloud, or as part of a hybrid cloud deployment. You can additionally extend your OSSEA solution into QuadrisCloud, no matter where or how you decide you want to deploy!

Disaster Recovery the way you want it

OSSEA supports fully synchronous multi-site clusters, zero recovery point objective and instant failover spread across as many sites as you like! In addition, longer distance DR is also fully supported, offering a low (typically <10s) RPO. If you are looking for a fully managed service, then Disaster Recovery as a Service provided by QuadrisCloud also available

Your choice of deployment

OSSEA can be deployed inline with your IT strategy.

Cloud deployment: deploy HCI  as a multi-tenant public or private cloud, with resource usage and payment system integration for seamless billing. The integrated portal even provides self-service sign up.
Single tenant deployment: A traditional single tenant deployment is also fully supported and offers all of the same great features.

Hardware agnostic

Quadris can supply preconfigured OSSEA appliances that are engineered to deliver the best possible performance. In addition, OSSEA supports all leading enterprise server hardware manufacturers if you’d prefer a software only version.

Security first architecture

OSSEA has been designed from the ground up with security in mind, and comes as standard with Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) for your workloads.

Secure, fast, integrated backup

OSSEA supports your Data Recovery strategy by offering integrated backup with minimal processing requirements. Utilising ultra-fast HCI architecture, data can be backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes with no impact on overall performance. All backups are stored on immutable storage appliances and can be shipped to the cloud if you wish.

Desktop provisioning

Rapid provisioning technology is a must for organisations providing hosted desktop services, OSSEA provides native desktop provisioning from gold images, this can be applied to Citrix and a whole host of other hosted desktop technology even if provisioning isn’t natively supported by the vendor! Perfect for customers looking to provide Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Integrated virtual networking

OSSEA provides Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks as standard. Networks are created on the fly, with automatic gateways, routing, network address translation and access control lists all configurable from the intuitive portal.

Easy to upgrade

With OSSEA, upgrading your infrastructure is simple. New hardware can up and running in hours and new workloads can be spun-up in minutes. This flexibility makes it a breeze to expand your core systems, storage and databases, future-proofing your IT infrastructure and ensuring that it can grow with the demands of your business over many years.

Enables your DR strategy

OSSEA can form a significant part of your overall Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy, with two configuration options available:

Metro: A fully synchronous stretched cluster with as little as four nodes, offering zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and near zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Near-Sync: A synchronous replication for long distance DR replication, typically offers a less than 10 second Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a 1 hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Take back your weekends!

All maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by our internal team of OSSEA engineers as part of the service, meaning you spend less time configuring platforms and more time looking after your business-critical applications (during the working week!).

Retain control with EyeQ

Retain complete control of every aspect of your OSSEA systems courtesy of our management portal EyeQ.   

Through EyeQ’s intuitive interface, you can see exactly how all your systems and services are performing at any time with complete clarity.

EyeQ achieves this by gathering together all the information and then channeling it into a series of high-level dashboards. As a result, you are presented with a detailed, real-time overview of every aspect of the ongoing performance of your IT infrastructure. 

Quadris Hong

Upgrade to a fully managed cloud service

With our Managed OSSEA offering, we take full responsibility for overseeing all your HCI systems and services, leaving you able to concentrate on your core work. 

It frees up your IT team’s time from critical support tasks that require specialist expertise in order to deliver end results, quickly, securely, and reliably. 

You also avoid the cost and time it takes to learn and operate specialist IT service management tools, while automatically benefitting from the expertise of skilled IT professionals instead of trying to attract and retain them directly. 

Furthermore, you gain the benefits of enterprise-class technologies that underpin our services instead of having to make the decisions about what is the right technology to invest in.


What People Are Saying

We’ve been very impressed with the Quadris’ processes and professionalism during the whole project.

Marilyne Davis

Golden Lane Housing

With a proven track record in configuring, deploying and supporting critical IT infrastructure, we turned to Quadris to undertake the largest VxRail deployment in Danish history.

Kim Nielsen

Aarhus University Hospital

We were seeking a single supplier who could design, deploy, migrate, and support a new high-performance technology infrastructure, that would meet our objectives, not just for the present, but for the next 5-7 years.

Mark Elias

Coastal Housing Group


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