How Managed Services can help your IT staff avoid burnout
July 1, 2021

The move to remote working caused by the pandemic caught virtually every organisation completely by surprise and struggling to cope with this unprecedented situation. 

Not surprisingly the IT department bore the brunt of the fallout. As well as maintaining the smooth running of the organisation’s everyday operations, it also had to take on additional responsibilities associated with equipping colleagues with the means carry out their roles away from the office. 

For many IT staff involved in the pivot to remote working, there was a lot of adrenalin and purpose. But after the workforces had been equipped to work remotely, the question was “now what?” 

And to rub salt into the wound, a lot of IT professionals put a great deal of work into ensuring their organisation could continue to function, only to have half the team put on furlough. The result being that a much smaller percentage of that group were left carrying an even larger burden. 

Stress, burnout and redundancy. 

The fallout from the pandemic on IT professionals was borne out by a recent survey conducted by tech recruiters Harvey Nash, which reported that over a third of respondents stated that their mental health deteriorated as a direct result of the crisis. 

Many of those who expressed concern about their mental health, said that is the first time in their lives that they have experienced that worry. The two key reasons cited by respondents were not being able to switch off from work and the fear of losing their job. 

Some enlightened organisations provided their employees with resources to help them manage their mental health and wellbeing such as mindfulness and mediation apps, and even access to trained mental health professionals. 

But the reality is that many IT departments are still playing catch up and their staff are finding it increasingly difficult to cope. 

Skills shortage. 

Despite a surge in redundancies, there has been a significant increase in job ads for IT professionals. 

The reason for this is that as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic we’ve seen two years of digital transformation happening in the space of a few months. 

Organisations, both large and small, are now realising that digital skills are crucial to all parts of their business. The problem is that they are receiving a huge amount of applications from people who simply don’t have the necessary skills. 

The UK already had a serious skill shortage when it comes to IT, and the latest data from the Open University shows half of all employers are struggling to attract talent with the right skills. 

Quadris Managed Services to the rescue. 

We have been demonstrating our expertise in delivering future-focused solutions for over a decade.  

A large part of this has been empowering distributed workforces to communicate and collaborate, securely and efficiently. So, when the lockdown forced clients to work from home, so we were already in the driving seat when they suddenly had to enable their employees to work from home. 

In fact, one of our clients that operates in a highly regulated sector came to us for help when they needed to enable their entire workforce to work from home. It took us just 4 days. (Click here for the full story).  

It’s just one example of our deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of technology, and how we can overcome challenges quickly and efficiently. 

Our Managed Services comprise 4 key areas.  

Quadris Managed Services deliver a comprehensive range of future-focused services that cover every major aspect of IT and communications management. 

These have been categorised into 4 services offerings:  Managed Cloud and InfrastructureManaged Security Service, Managed Service Desk, and Managed Digital Workspace,

In addition to offering round-the-clock support and expert advice, we also provide a single point of accountability that relieves the stress of trying to coordinate multiple vendors across different products and services. 

Which is why enterprises of all sizes and sectors can rely on Quadris Managed Services

Let Quadris take care of your IT services so that you can focus on your business; safe in the knowledge that your systems are always up-to-date, and any problems that arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

To find out more about Quadris Managed Services and how they can take the pressure off your IT department, contact Peter Grayson on 0161 537 4980 or email

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