Managed Digital Workspace

A completely managed service that gives your remote / agile staff or students all the equipment & support they need to work effectively away from the office


Managed Digital Workspace

Our Managed Digital Workspace service helps you meet the challenges of supporting your remote staff or students by offloading the complete supply and maintenance all the IT equipment they need to work wherever they may be.

We may be able to support existing equipment, but typically work with you to deploy new equipment for a single monthly fee, with all setup, configuration, backup and patching taken care of. What’s more, damaged equipment is replaced the next working day with an identical unit, pre-configured and restored from their latest backup!


Significantly free up internal IT resources

Increase staff / student productivity and morale

Reduce your deployment & management costs

Comprehensively secure your devices from threats


How does Managed Digital Workspace work?

We start by supplying people with all the computer equipment, applications, phones and peripherals they need to carry out their work or studies most effectively.

They will feel supported from the very first day, with equipment delivered directly to their chosen location with all your organisation’s apps and configuration settings already set up. All they need to do is login, connect to the internet and they are ready to start work!

In addition to provisioning the equipment, we also manage all the assets on your behalf, provide frontline support via our dedicated service desk, and handle the replacement and repair of any faulty or defective items.


How can Managed Digital Workspace work for you?

Free-up internal IT resources

Completely offload the logistics, management, stocking and support of all your IT equipment to us, giving you the time to focus on your core activities and systems. We provide frontline support for all the equipment we provide and handle the despatch of replacement units as required. You get complete visibility to all activities, you just don’t have to worry about them!

Increase your teams’ productivity

When your colleagues or students have the latest equipment, not only does it make them feel valued, it also helps make them more productive. Our continual maintenance, updating and monitoring of the equipment ensures that it always operates at peak performance, so your people work most effectively. 

Reduce your overall costs

It’s quite simply the easiest and safest way to budget for IT equipment. For a single monthly fee per user, you can rest assured that both the equipment and your people are in the safest of hands, leaving your internal IT department free to concentrate on maintaining your essential IT systems and services.

Secure your devices

We place huge emphasis on the strength and effectiveness of our security elements. Powered by a combination of market leading vendor solutions from VMWare and Cisco, it ensures that your people are as secure from viruses and external threats when working remotely as if they were in the office.

Additionally, all devices are backed up remotely, allowing to easily restore data when the worst happens!


What equipment do we supply?

As part of the managed service, the exact equipment provided is specified by you, but typically it includes a laptop or desktop computer, monitor, mobile phone, together with all the necessary peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, headset and laptop bag. For some organisation we also provide additional equipment such as tablets and printers and consumables.


What if you’ve already deployed equipment?

Managed DaaS has the flexibility to be employed no matter where you are on your remote or hybrid working journey. It isn’t dependent on us supplying the equipment, so even if you have already equipped people, we are happy to step in and help.

All you need to do is provide us with the details about the assets you have deployed. We will then take over the task of ensuring that every device is managed, maintained, monitored, and secured until the end of its lifecycle. We can also provide additional user support through our dedicated service desk, customised to meet the working hours of your staff.


An identical laptop replaced the next working day

Accidents happen, and sometimes equipment simply gets damaged and can’t be fixed remotely by our frontline service desk. For this reason, we offer a rapid replacement service which guarantees to replace a damaged, lost, or stolen laptop in the hands of the user within one working day.

Importantly, the laptop is set up to the exact same configuration as previously, with all software pre-installed and with minimal data loss, which means the individual user will be back up and running in no time at all. We then manage the return of their old equipment, which is either repaired or responsibly recycled.


Frontline service desk support

The demands of servicing a remote or hybrid workforce should not be underestimated. In addition to supporting people away from the office, new flexible working patterns may require you to extend your service support opening hours to reflect changing demand.

With our frontline service desk, your people will have direct access to comprehensive help and support, no matter where they are located. And in addition to being able to call upon highly trained technical experts for immediate assistance, our service also leverages industry-leading software and processes, which combine to deliver full visibility via real-time service reporting dashboards.

Quadrids Rob

Retain control with EyeQ

To support the management of your assets and the many other aspects of IT service delivery, you have access to EyeQ – our world class IT Service Management Platform.

Through EyeQ, you can track the assets owned by each employee, how effectively the equipment is being used, and how well they are being maintained in terms of patching, system, and anti-virus updates.

The platform presents all this information through a single portal, that provides you with a detailed, yet clear overview of every aspect of the service.

Success stories

Look who’s using our Managed Digital Workspace

Mark Sullivan

It was the hundreds of little details that Quadris’ Managed DaaS included that made us realise what is needed to effectively support our people and all their equipment.

Marilyne Davis

We’ve been very impressed with Quadris’ processes and professionalism during the whole project.


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