Prevensys IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Prevensys will help you maintain the health and performance of your IT network with greater ease and clarity than ever before

Prevensys is Quadris’ proprietary IT monitoring solution and the product of many years developing a solution that can help diagnose a network faster than anything else in the marketplace. Why? – as an IT support service provider we needed a tool that we just couldn’t buy. 

Key Benefits.

  • Reduces mean time resolution by up to 95%.

  • A single pane of glass IT monitoring solution that delivers the complete picture.

  • A comprehensive and high-level dashboard presents a truly holistic overview of all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your IT infrastructure.

  • Continually monitors and logs the health of your system and delivers alerts in the event of any critical incidents – 24/7/365.

  • Armed with just a username you have all the information needed to resolve issues in a matter of seconds.

  • Designed to work for organisations of all sizes and sectors and can be instantly scaled up or down to match the changing requirements of your IT estate.

  • More than just a monitoring system Prevensys provides you with vision and peace of mind.


What People Are Saying

We have found Prevensys invaluable in troubleshooting performance bottlenecks and aiding identification of areas in our infrastructure that may need optimisation or remediation.

Seamus French

St Luke's Radiation Oncology Network

Prevensys not only presents me with a detailed overview of the day-to-day health of our IT infrastructure, it also enables me to drill down in order to quickly identify and resolve issues at the click of my mouse.

Kim Nielsen

Aarhus University Hospital

Prevensys gives us a level of visibility that we just can’t get without managing multiple different monitoring products. The fact that everything is in one place makes this our go to tool every day.

IT Director

London-based solicitors