Why recover from an IT disaster when you can avoid it?
March 17, 2020

Which would you prefer, spending a great deal of time, energy, and money recovering from an unexpected IT disaster, or avoiding it in the first place?   

Unless you are a masochist, surely it’s the latter. So why then do organisations spend a large proportion of their annual IT budget on Disaster Recovery when they could be investing in Disaster Avoidance?  

After all, for the vast majority of organisations IT uptime is synonymous with business uptime; so any outages not only hit the bottom line they can have a potentially catastrophic effect on your brand. 

Even though the difference in data loss and the resultant damage can be immense, the reason why Disaster Avoidance solutions aren’t the norm is because the associated price tag has kept them beyond the reach of most organisations. 

Until now.  

How our Disaster Avoidance solution delivers peace of mind at less cost than typical Disaster Recovery solutions 

Quadris has unveiled an ingenious new solution that delivers an automatic Disaster Avoidance solution that not only covers compute and storage, but also the network, external connections, virtual desktops et al. 

The benefits of this solution are clear for all to see: 

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero  
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) < 5 minutes  
  • Zero intervention required to activate the system  
  • Automatic Reprotection and Recovery  

We are able to offer all the above at a fraction of the cost by reducing the amount of expensive enterprise-level hardware required. This is because you no longer have one side of the solution sat there almost redundant, its sole purpose being to wait for a disaster to happen. (For a more in-depth explanation behind one of the key elements of this future-focused solution, click here.)  

So not only does it offer far greater protection and insurance against unforeseen disasters, it’s actually cheaper to install. 

Now if that hasn’t got the attention of your CIO, CEO and CFO, then there’s little that will.  

How our Disaster Avoidance solution is delivering peace of mind and saving a client more than £300,000. 

We recently installed a tailor-made Disaster Avoidance solution at ForViva, a leading Housing Association, by employing a stretched cluster configuration, combined with an ingenious GSLB software defined network solution. (To read the full case study, click here.)

To summarise, it has delivered ForViva with automated Active/Active DR capabilities, complete with zero RTO/RPO recovery times, and supported by fully redundant point-to-point 10Gbps links. The advantage of this solution means that both data centres are live, so there is no longer a Disaster Recovery site. Workloads are now spread evenly and resiliently across both data centres and are free to move between them, as and when required.  

Should an entire data centre go down for any reason, workloads simply restart in the second data centre automatically and within seconds, while all external network services seamlessly failover using the software defined network design.   

In addition to upgrading the entire IT infrastructure, over the next 5 years this future-focused solution is set to deliver a staggering £300,000 saving over the alternatives. And not just in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but in actual money.  

If you add TCO savings from administration, DR testing, documentation etc. not to mention all the complexities that come with updating the infrastructure, the eventual savings will probably be doubled.  

Now add the potentially crippling cost of recovering from a disaster, and you’ll see why our solution is priceless. 

Disaster Recovery or Disaster Avoidance. The choice is yours.  

As far as we know, no-one else knows how to implement this setup in the way that the Quadris team has identified. 

And while we would love the opportunity to share this ingenious solution with you, we don’t want to give away the secret on these pages as our competitors might be watching. But we are more than happy to discuss it with you personally, simply contact Peter Grayson on 0161 537 4980 or peter.grayson@quadris.co.uk 

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