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Our partnership with NAKIVO allows us to deliver affordable and reliable backup and recovery solutions that meet the data protection needs and requirements of SMBs and enterprises in every industry.

With over 22,000 customers across 171 countries, Nakivo is a proven solution that integrates completely with the suite of Quadris solutions.

Ransomware, Protection and Recovery

Minimize the impact of ransomware incidents on business continuity and ensure that your data is recoverable without paying the ransom. For ultimate data protection, make backups immutable in Amazon S3 and local Linux repositories and, thus, ransomware-proof for as long as you need.

The NAKIVO solution provides a range of ransomware recovery features for any data loss scenario:

Granular file and object recovery

VM Flash Boot

P2V Recovery

Site Recovery

Protects your business data and applications

An integrated approach to data protection, ensuring that your critical data and applications can be recovered.

Take your Microsoft Office 365 data protection to the next level.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your Microsoft 365 data. The solution can reliably protect Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

  • Instantly recover items for an uninterrupted workflow and productivity
  • Use advanced search capabilities to meet compliance and legal requests
  • Per user, per month pricing

Protect Virtual, Physical, Cloud and SaaS Environments

The solution provides image-based, application-aware, incremental backup and replication.

  • Save up to 4,000 recovery points for each backup
  • Store backups locally or offsite, on tape or in the cloud
  • Easily schedule and automate tasks
  • Boost performance and avoid network congestion

Stay in control of your VMware infrastructure

Gain insight into your VMware vSphere infrastructure directly from the solution interface to optimise your resource management and address performance bottlenecks before they become a serious issue. Proactively monitor the key metrics of your hosts, VMs and datasotores to analyze performance trends, improve capacity planning and predict resource shortages.

Protect NAS Data

Use NAS Backup from NAKIVO to create incremental backups of unstructured data in network shares using NFS and SMB sharing protocols. Store data locally or send backup copies offsite for better security or more efficient data archival. You can easily recover individual files and folders to a custom location, forward via email, or download files in the browser whenever you need them.

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