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Hybrid working is here. But for someone to be able to work from anywhere, the network has to be safe, secure and consistent. As a Cisco Premier Integrator, we are able to offer the complete suite of Cisco integrated products, but focus particularly on three key areas:


Cisco Duo Multi-factor authentication

The perimeter of the workplace has expanded beyond enterprise walls, making it more difficult for security and IT teams to verify user identities and the trustworthiness of their devices. 

Cisco’s ‘Zero Trust’ model treats every access attempt as if it originates from an untrusted network and provides additional layers of security on top of your existing security infrastructure. 

Cisco’s multi-factor authentication allows you to: 

Establish User Trust

Gain Visibility Into User Devices

Establish Device Trust

Enforce Adaptive Policies

Enable Secure Access to All Apps


Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco’s Secure Endpoint is a single-agent solution that provides comprehensive protection, detection, response and user access coverage to defend against threats to your endpoints.

With the use of Cisco Secure Endpoint, users can replace their legacy antivirus completely.  We offer cloud-delivered endpoint protection and advanced endpoint detection and response across multidomain control points. We stop threats and block malware and then rapidly detect, contain and remediate advanced threats that evade front-line defences.


Identify and stop threats before compromise. Reduce the attack surface with multifaceted prevention techniques, risk-based vulnerability management and posture assessment.


Hunt for hidden threats, detect stealthy malware, perform advanced investigations with global threat intelligence from Talos, and run complex queries to gain unprecedented visibility into your endpoints.


Reduce incident detection and response times with built-in Extended Detection and Response. This collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads and networks.


Simplify your cybersecurity and improve your security operations’ effectiveness by letting Cisco security experts do the heavy lifting. We offer dedicated teams of expers and 24x7x365 protection.


Cisco Umbrella Cloud

Enterprise security and networking are facing a significant transformation. Wide-scale adoption of cloud applications, an increase in remote workers and expansion of branch offices has rendered the centralized, on-premises security model impractical.

The convenience, cost savings, and performance benefits of going direct to the internet is driving a new decentralized approach to networking. Yet with change comes risk and a new set of security challenges. Organizations require a broader set of protection that not only improves security, but simplifies management.

Umbrella is the cloud-native, multi-function security service that helps businesses of all sizes secure their network.

Broad, reliable security coverage

Immediate value and low total cost of ownership

Security protection on and off network

Single dashboard for efficient management

Rapid deployment and flexible enforcement

Instant scalability across a global network

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