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Comprehensive digital security


Comprehensive Digital Security

Imperva is the cybersecurity leader whose mission is to protect data and all paths to it.

Imperva is a trusted security partner for many organisations, committed to disrupting the status-quo through developing it’s customer led technologies. They believe in the intent to create meaningful change and long lasting relationships and balance this with their need for efficiency while never compromising on quality.


Application Security Service

Keep business up and enemies down

Applications have become mission-critical for organisations looking to drive rapid growth. They help facilitate customer reach around the world and can act as a primary business model.

These applications require protection from security threats, yet end-users demand high availability and an uninterrupted experience, which can make for a tough balancing act.

To meet this need, Imperva Application Security empowers organizations to protect their applications and mitigate risk while providing an optimal user experience. Imperva also makes vendor consolidation and management simplicity a reality, with application security components offered as part of an integrated solution set.

Act on critical insights

Attack Analytics combats alert fatigue by distilling millions of security alerts into a prioritised set of security insights.

Avoid disruption to your business

DDoS Protection and Advanced Bot Protection eliminates attacks long before malicious traffic has reached your website.

Ensure a seamless user experience

Content Delivery Network optimises website delivery by providing content closest to the end user.


Cloud data security

The data security landscape is rapidly changing, and today’s digital and knowledge economy is fueling exponential data growth with unprecedented user access. With more legitimate users accessing more data to drive value for the business, your security strategy should take a data-centric approach. This enables total access to data rather than locking down and limiting access by default. Imperva Data Security helps organizations unleash the power of their data while reducing the risk of a data breach. 

Uncover hidden risks with discovery and assessment

Detect and contain data breaches with continuous data monitoring and analytics

Reduce the attack surface with static data masking

Flexible licensing


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