Managed Backup Service

Protect your data with immutable backups that cannot be accidentally modified, deleted or encrypted by cyber attacks

UK Security

The need to securely backup your data

Data released from the annual UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey, reveals some stark reminders of the need to prioritise IT security. Despite 82% of boards or senior management within UK businesses rating cyber security as a ‘very high’ or ‘fairly high’ priority, only one in five businesses have a formal incident response plan in place.


31% of UK businesses estimate they are attacked at least once per week


Yet only 19% have a formal incident response plan in place


And only 1% have any form of cyber essential certification

James Reed, Consultant forensic psychiatrist and CCIO for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust indicates a need to push the clinical safety and cybersecurity agenda which further backs up the need for our customers to take active steps to prepare themselves adequately.

I am expecting to see a big push on clinical safety and cybersecurity this year, especially given the high-profile incidents in the course of the year. There is a clear need to hold suppliers to account, but also for the NHS to become a better informed and intelligent customer on these matters.


How does our
Managed Backup Service work?

We manage your entire backup strategy

Devices & data are constantly backed-up

We manage the backup of all your devices & data across your organisation, from individual workstations to servers and critical systems. For maximum protection, we store all your data as secure immutable backups.

We manage the secure storage

Whether you choose to host your backup data on your site, within one of our secure data centres or in the cloud, we manage all the infrastructure to ensure that your data is protected, including digitally air-gapping data once backups are completed.

Data is restored on demand

Whether it’s the restoration of data from an individual user account or the implementation of a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan following a complex cyber-attack, leave the secure restoration of data to us, allowing your team to focus on why the breach occurred in the first place.


We protect your data with immutable backups

Your data set in stone

What is an immutable backup?

Put simply, an immutable is a backup of your data that cannot be altered in any way. Not by us, not by you and therefore not by anyone with mallicious intent.

How do they protect against cyber-attacks?

Increasingly, organisations that suffer a cyber-attack are being held to ransom over their data. Attackers know that if the encrypt live and backup data that they put themselves in a powerful position. As immutable backups are completely locked down, they cannot be encypted or deleted, meaning you always have a clean backup to restore.

Why are immutable backups important?

A backup that is guaranteed to have not changed should be a critical piece of your overall Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. It means you can restore critical data quickly and with confidence when you need to.

Is this just file permissions?

Absolutely not. Immutable backups go way beyond file permissions, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Active Directory permissions because, from a cyber-attack perspective, these protocols are simply not secure enough.

Where are they stored?

Backups can be stored on your site or in the cloud, it really depends on your architecture, network and needs. Importantly, wherever the backups are stored they are automatically digitally air-gapped to the rest of your network.


We further secure your data with a digital air-gap

Digitally disconnect your backups from the network

What is a digital air-gap?

The term ‘air gap’ for backups traditionally related to computers that were physically disconnected from the main network, often isolated in secure rooms and only accessible to select people. While this still holds true, it’s simply not practical to physically backup data like this. Our backups solutions employ ‘digital air-gapping’ whereby the server automatically disconnects itself from the network when not performing a backup.

Why is digital air-gapping important?

In the event of a cyber breach, attackers will use a variety of techniques to search for machines on your network that hold important data such that they can attempt to steal, alter or encrypt it. Air-gapping removes your backups from the network, making the invisible to any attacks.

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