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Mimecast is here to protect large and small organisations from malicious activity, human error and technology failure; and to lead the movement toward building a more resilient world.


What is Mimecast?

Mimecast provides your organization with professional corporate email security, continuity and archiving cloud services, delivering complete email protection and preventing cyber threats before they affect your business.
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Mimecast Solutions

Mimecast awareness training

With the threat of cyber attacks ever present in today’s workplace, we support organisations by providing cyber awareness training that helps them to combat the security breaches caused by human error.  

Mimecast delivers some of the most engaging training content in the industry, deployed persistently month on month, this training aims to change behaviour, improve knowledge and ultimately lower risk.  

Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect Service

Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect combines web scanning powered by machine learning, the analysis of key indicators including new domain registrations and security certificate issance, and tracking of website cloning to stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

The ability to identify even unknown attack patterns means you’re able to identify and block compromosed assets at the earliest preparation stages before they become live attacks.

Mimecast Comprehensive Defence Plan

Protecting your inbound email perimeter is essential, but it’s not the only place security controls are required. Internal email represents two-thirds of the average organisations’ email traffic; but it is often left unprotected, making it easy for malicious emails to spread undetected to both employees and customers.

At the same time, most end-users lack the security awarness to keep from falling victim to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Take the next step in your security strategy with the Mimecast Comprehensive Defence Plan which applies best practice secuity protocols inside your network and organisation.

Mimecast Cyber Resilience Pro Plan

Protection against email-based threats is mandatory, but a more effective strategy requires a broader perspective. Mimecast Cyber Resilience Pro is designed to maximise your opportunities to break the attack chain at your perimeter and inside your network, and beyond.

With solutions that keep employees connected during an email outage, protection against malicious web activity, encryption & data loss prevention, and archiving, Mimecast has you covered. It’s the ideal solution for organisations that want the most sophisticated protection available and the resilience to keep business flowing, no matter what.

Mimecast Cybergraph

Mimecast Cybergraph is artificial intelligence (AI) system that learns behaviours to create an identity graph. This stores information about relationships and connections between all senders and recipients, including the strength or proximity of them. 

It learns what is ‘normal’ and detects anomolies that can be combined with other indicators to determine the risk associated with an email.

Mimecast Cybergraph protects users from targeted email threats and prevents disclosure of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities.

Mimecast DMARC Analyser

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer helps you protect your brand by providing the tools needed to stop spoofing and misuse of your owned domains. Designed to help you reduce the time and resource required to become successfully DMARC compliant, the self-service solution provides the reporting and analytics needed to gain full visibility of all your email channels.

Mimecast Perimeter Defence Plan

Email-based cyberattacks continue to be a leading cause of disruption, data loss, and financial damage, so there’s no question that a robust security program starts with great email security.

With the Mimecast Perimeter Defence plan, we’ve got you covered. You get the most sophisticated protections available for targeted threats, malicious URLs, attachments, impersonations, and spam – all delivered in the simplest way possible.

Mimecast Pervasive Defence Plan

Brand impersonation is a growing challenge with potentially devastating consequences. It’s easy for attackers to spoof your website, a trusted supplier’s website, or a Microsoft log in page. Threat actors will even use legitimate domains to send fake emails designed to trick unsuspecting customers and partners.

Stop attackers from destroying your brand with Pervasive Defense from Mimecast. This plan extends protection beyond your perimeter, allowing you to proactively gain intelligence and shutdown attacks or quickly remediate them if they go live. With at the perimeter and inside your network protection built in, Mimecast’s Pervasive Defense is a security game changer.

Mimecast Web Security

The Mimecast Web Security service protects against malicious and business inappropriate web activity, and provides visibility and control over employee cloud application use.

A fully cloud-based service, Mimecast Web Security helps you secure and monitor your web traffic, is quick to setup and straightforward to manage.


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