How an entire workforce was empowered to work securely from home in under 4 days
June 17, 2020

When the pandemic hit and the government requested that all non-essential staff should work from home, like many organisations across the nation our client was left with a logistical mountain to climb. 

Under normal circumstances they don’t employ any remote workers whatsoever; but these are extraordinary times, and as such they call for extraordinary measures. 

To add to an already demanding situation, our client operates within the financial services sector and as a result must comply with extremely stringent regulations, so any solution had to offer the very highest level of security. 

Stepping up to the challenge. 

Fortunately, Quadris had already deployed Stratodesk No Touch endpoint management solution for use on their internal terminals. 

The beauty of this cutting-edge solution is that it allows you to transform any PC, Thin Client, Laptop, or Raspberry Pi device into a safe, secure, and centrally managed endpoint. 

All well and good, but the sudden increase in demand for remote working had led directly to a dire shortage of laptops as thousands of organisations sought to equip their employees with the ability to work from home. 

So, we immediately went on the hunt for a large quantity of laptops and our efforts were soon rewarded when we able to point our client in the direction of 250 refurbished machines that would fit the bill perfectly. 

Usually it would be a huge task to image every laptop, load up the Citrix workspace client, anti-virus software and apply various other lock down policies to make sure the devices were secure, together with everything else that goes with getting a laptop ready and capable of undertaking its allotted task. 

Instead, our client took possession of the laptops and re-imaged every single machine with Stratodesk NoTouch. 

All that was required was to plug a network cable into each laptop and in just a few minutes they were ready to go. In a single stroke, they were made completely secure, lightening fast and simplicity itself to use. 

It took our client just under 4 days to empower a 250-strong workforce to operate securely from home. 

In just a few days, every one of the machines was re-imaged and allocated to a member of staff. 

When they turn on their ‘new’ laptop, all they see is the company’s branded Citrix login page. They simply enter their login details, password and MFA token, and because there is no bloated operating system they are up and running in less than 20 seconds. 

This is because to all intents and purposes all the laptops have become Thin Clients. The beauty of this setup is that there is nothing on the laptop except for the Citrix workspace client, so there’s no way to access any sensitive company data or do anything other than their assigned workload.

It also means that if for any reason one of these laptops is stolen or lost, there is no danger whatsoever of our client’s sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. To anyone other than the allotted user, they are completely useless. 

Furthermore, as there is no ‘full fat’ operating system or additional applications there are no updates to contend with. And to add to their functionality Quadris is able to support every user remotely – no matter where they are located.

Looking to enable your employees to work remotely? 

To find out how we can help empower your workforce to work securely from home, office or anywhere in between, just pick a slot in the calendar and Peter will be happy to help. 

Alternatively, feel free to call 0161 537 4980 and ask for Peter Grayson or email 

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