Making sense of the Hyper-Converged hype
November 11, 2017

A hyper converged lesson.

For those of you contemplating the wonderful world of hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), but needing to separate the signal from the noise, there are obvious lessons that can be learned from early adopters.

As the HCI market has matured, with new entrants and established vendors clambering for their slice of the action, it’s fast become a minefield, trying to make sense of technology differentiation and supplier expertise. To cut through the hype, the choice is simple… research yourself (using valuable time and energy) or talk to someone who’s already done all the legwork; hosted soft-market testing, completed the vendor beauty-parade, finished the POC, structured the ITT, evaluated numerous respondents…and finally taken the plunge! Months of effort, which can be dramatically quickened for organisations following-on. As one of the UK’s most experienced and fully accredited providers of HCI solutions, Quadris is ideally placed to connect you to other users, who’ve successfully deployed HCI. We can easily facilitate conversation with industry peers who can dispel the marketing myths and provide first-hand real-world reference of the outcomes you can realistically expect to achieve.

Stop falling for HCI marketing pitfalls.

Avoid all the ‘FUD’; PR tweets, marketing rhetoric and fudged TCO calculations. Engage with a supplier who can navigate all those unattainable promises, so you arrive at a well-thought-out, objective and coherent conclusion. Particularly take care if you are using vendors to do initial sizing exercises. We have seen a few examples of these where they were under-specified to keep the cost of their solution attractive. Quadris has successfully implemented HCI for clients cross-industry. We use expert in-house resource only (no 3rd party intervention or hand-holding from the manufacturer), and have worked through all the potential pitfalls and technical hitches that cause delay and incur cost (taking all the stress and aggravation out of your planning).If you’re evaluating HCI, don’t ‘jump the broom’ without talking to Quadris first. Our experience and specialist knowledge will help make sure your HCI is an optimal fit for your organisation. We provide a broader spectrum of Hyper converged infrastructure  details, vendors and product specifications or if you would like to speak to a consultant or request more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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