Prevensys gives you peace of mind, so that your colleagues don’t give you a piece of theirs
July 16, 2021

Running an IT department is without doubt one of the most stressful and thankless roles in any organisation. 

Not only are you tasked with overseeing an area that is changing by the day, it’s a role that rarely gets the attention of your colleagues – until there’s a problem.  

At which point those charged with overseeing the day-to-day running of IT operations attract a great deal of attention, most often negative. 

Which is where Prevensys comes to the rescue. 

A single pane of glass IT monitoring solution that delivers the complete picture. 

Prevensys is Quadris’ proprietary IT monitoring solution and the product of over 3 years of development.  

The result is a next generation solution that enables you to keep an eye on the health and performance of your IT infrastructure with greater ease and clarity than ever before. 

From the main dashboard, Prevensys provides you with a complete overview of all the elements that comprise your IT operation.  

The main dashboard delivers a detailed overview of the entire infrastructure; and not just the overall raw capacity and raw free space, but the actual usable capacity and the free usable capacity all plotted over a period of time. 

And because Prevensys was designed to be time-orientated, it continually monitors and logs the overall health of your system and then allows you to review the incidence of warnings that have been presented during any specified time period. 

To add to its formidable capabilities, it also displays the disk usage of individual virtual machines in order to see exactly which have eaten up all the space. Prevensys also reports the ping response times between sites, packet loss, network band width usage, latency, IOPS, CPU usage, memory usage, and a great deal more. 

All in all, a comprehensive and high-level dashboard that presents a truly holistic overview of your entire estate.  

Yet, while this overview can help alleviate many potential problems, you are always going to have issues to deal with and frustrated colleagues demanding to know when you are going to address their particular problem. 

The next time a colleague comes to you with a problem, all you need is their username. 

No matter if you are working with Citrix, Remote Desktop Services or Windows desktop, you simply need a username, and in a matter of seconds you will have all the information needed for a swift resolution of any issue at your fingertips. 

With the user located, the dashboard clearly displays general health indicators such as number of logins, failed machines, and detailed statistics on login duration and type; enabling server-side issues to be quickly identified. 

As anti-virus software can often be the cause of slowdowns, the dashboard offers information on how much memory and CPU time the AV software is taking, and importantly if there is an attack in progress. You can also view the resource utilization of the user and see what other users are doing simply by checking the CPU usage, IOPS, and memory utilization of all users on a per application basis. 

The ability of this single pane of glass monitoring solution to cut out the noise and leaves only what matters, means that you and your service desk team can immediately drill down to determine where the fault lies. 

As a direct result, Prevensys reduces mean time resolution by up to 95%. 

Prevensys in action – locating the cause of a slow Citrix session in less than five minutes. 

The attention to detail and impressive capabilities are unprecedented in its field. 

Other monitoring systems are cumbersome and require you to navigate through multiple screens in order to finally locate the issue in question. But the modern look and feel of Prevensys combined with its intuitive dashboards and time-orientated functionality puts the competition in the shade. 

Furthermore, by delivering 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerting to service ticket requests, combined with trend performance over time, Prevensys will ensure that your system performs at the very peak of health, both today and for years to come. 

More than just a monitoring system, it provides IT managers with vision and peace of mind.


Prevensys not only presents me with a detailed overview of the day-to-day health of our IT infrastructure, it also enables me to drill down in order to quickly identify and resolve issues at the click of my mouse.”  

 ~ Kim Nielsen, IT Group Manager, Dept. of Oncology, Medical Physics, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. 


High praise indeed. To find out more about how one of the world’s foremost hospitals relies on Prevensys to monitor the health of its life-critical IT infrastructure click here.

To discover for yourself how you can dramatically reduce mean time to resolution, end user frustration, empower your service desk, and see your service delivery KPIs improve overnight, contact Peter Grayson on 0161 537 4980 or

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