Why you need GSLB and how Citrix ADC takes it to a whole new level
September 8, 2019

It’s 2019 and we are all accustomed to on-demand and instantaneous access to digital content and services. As a result, should a major server or site failure occur (or even a noticeable increase in latency) then the repercussions can be costly, even catastrophic.

GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) has helped mitigate many of these issues. It provides failover or enhances performance by directing users to their closest data centres using geolocation; a DNS based system that quite simply manipulates the DNS response based on the availability and performance profile of the data centres.

The servers can be located at a company’s own data centres or hosted in a private cloud or the public cloud. As a result, GSLB is now widely offered by many cloud-based services, but these ad hoc offerings don’t present the complete picture, nor do they deliver the answer to all your requirements.

How Citrix ADC goes above and beyond the benefits of ordinary GSLB offerings.

In the video below, Hong Ly, senior consultant at Quadris delivers an overview of how Citrix ADC helps your organisation to achieve seamless Disaster Recovery.


These days it seems that just about everybody is offering GSLB. But few, if any, offer little above and beyond basic disaster recovery, and none of the services offer granular integration with Citrix backend services.

Citrix ADC (formerly known as Netscaler) is an application delivery and load balancing solution that delivers a high-quality user experience for web, traditional, and cloud-native applications, regardless of where they are hosted. More importantly, Citrix ADC goes above and beyond the performance offered by standard GSLB.

It comes in a wide variety of form factors and deployment options including Active/Passive and Active/Active. As well as delivering GSLB for Disaster Recovery purposes, with Citrix ADC you can also securely control how services are delivered with a range of useful features such as those listed in the table below.

Unified Gateway SSL offloading
SSL VPNs Identity management
Reverse Proxy Monitoring
Traffic optimisation Smart Access controls
Web Application Firewalls Content Switching (Layer 7 for web content)
Secure Web Gateway Granular controls with OPSWAT (whitelisting & blacklisting)
DC load balancing Smart Access Control
SSL Security  

All the above (and more) come as an integral element of Citrix ADC.

To add to its appeal, you can enjoy all of the benefits of GSLB without being locked into a single cloud.

Already have Citrix ADC? Then you may already paying for GSLB, so why not use it!

Many organisations have Citrix ADC yet are failing to take full advantage of this feature-rich appliance, in fact some are even subscribing to and paying for another, less capable, service.

To discover how you can unlock the power of GSLB, please contact Peter Grayson on 0161 537 4980 or peter.grayson@quadris.co.uk

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