Quadris becomes a recognised Tier 2 ISP
January 11, 2023

As part of our commitment to deliver an exceptional cloud service, we are delighted to announce that we are now officially recognised as a Tier 2 ISP.

Our new product, Quadris Cloud Connect, provides an extremely fast and reliable site to cloud connection that bypasses local infrastructure and interfaces directly to the global internet backbone. This service therefore enables business critical or health critical systems to operate with practically zero latency and guaranteed uptime.

Peter Grayson, Commercial Director of Quadris commented: “We’re now seeing a huge increase in mission critical systems moving from on-site to the cloud, which delivers massive savings for our customers but means that having a low latency and reliable connection is also critical. Quadris Cloud Connect gives our customers access to cloud-based systems at speeds often faster than previous on-site infrastructure can handle, whilst delivering the efficiencies that any cloud-based solution can offer.”

Quadris Cloud Connect is available now to anyone looking to move their business systems to the cloud, but has been especially architected for the health sector, where moving to a cloud-first strategy is key to saving money whilst delivering exceptional patient care.

Our first NHS Trust customers are already onboard, with several other Trusts deploying their first installations from early 2023.

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