Quadris is proud to support the UK’s proton beam therapy projects
March 14, 2020

Our clients operate two of the largest and most advanced cancer centres in Europe, treating tens of thousands of patients every year.

Recently the hospitals took another giant leap forward when they became home to the NHS’ very first high-energy proton beam cancer treatment centres.

By strategically locating the two UK centres within world-renowned academic hubs, it means that research and trials can be carried out alongside treating patients; accelerating both progress and clinical development, while potentially opening up proton beam therapy to more patients across the UK.

What is proton beam therapy? 

Proton beam therapy (PBT) is a technologically advanced form of radiotherapy that uses a high energy beam of protons to treat more complex and difficult-to-treat cancers, with potentially better outcomes together with a lower risk of long-term side effects.

How Quadris is supporting this life-saving new treatment. 

The high-energy proton beam equipment located in the dedicated proton centres are served by HCI clusters and Quadris has been tasked full enterprise infrastructure support.

Quadris’ role will include Firmware updates, security patching, backup maintenance together with supplying any replacement parts that may be required.

Furthermore, the hospitals have enlisted the help of Quadris’ proprietary monitoring system Prevensys, a leading-edge solution that delivers the ability to monitor the health and performance of IT infrastructure with greater ease and more clarity than ever before.

As a direct result, Quadris now provides round-the-clock reactive support to ensure that both these ground-breaking and truly remarkable feats of engineering are kept running at the very peak of health 24/7/365. And yet another example of the growing number of healthcare organisations that rely on Prevensys on a daily basis.

To discover more about how this next generation monitoring system can help maintain the health of your IT system, just pick a slot in the calendar and Peter will be happy to help. Alternatively, feel free to call 0161 537 4980 and ask for Peter Grayson or email peter.grayson@quadris.co.uk 

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