One of the world’s foremost hospitals relies on Prevensys to monitor the health of its life-critical IT infrastructure
April 4, 2020

Prevensys not only presents me with a detailed overview of the day-to-day health of our IT infrastructure, it also enables me to drill down in order to quickly identify and resolve issues at the click of my mouse.

Kim Nielsen

IT Group Manager, Dept. of Oncology, Medical Physics, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

If you were handed responsibility for the biggest VxRail deployment, not just in your organisation’s history but in the entire history of your country, not surprisingly you would want to keep a very close eye on its performance.

So, when Kim Nielsen was charged with overseeing the new, life-critical IT operations for the Dept. of Oncology, Medical Physics at Aarhus University Hospitalhe needed to ensure that he could monitor its health as efficiently and effectively as the hospital monitors the vital signs of its patients.

No mean task when you are managing a massive core compute and server infrastructure, supported by a Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure running industry leading oncology software, across a team of no less than 300 clinicians.

Enter Prevensys: A single pane of glass monitoring solution that delivers the complete picture.

Prevensys empowers Kim Nielsen to monitor the entire system from top to bottom: the stretched cluster VxRail solution, Citrix desktop virtualization, the network switches, the backup solution, and every Windows machine employed across the operation.

In fact, Prevensys is deemed so crucial to the smooth running of the operation that he has even installed a 42-inch monitor on the wall of his office. So that now, from the comfort of his office chair he can oversee the health of the entire estate with ease and with perfect clarity.

The view from the very top.

Prevensys is Quadris’ proprietary monitoring solution and the product of 3 years of development. The result is a leading-edge solution that provides organisations with the ability to monitor the health and performance of their IT infrastructure with greater ease and clarity than ever before.

From the main dashboard, it provides Kim Nielsen with a complete overview of all the elements that comprise their IT operation.

To start with, the main dashboard provides him with a detailed overview of the VxRail stretched cluster. Not only does it show the overall raw capacity and raw free space, with Prevensys it also displays the actual usable capacity and the free usable capacity plotted over a period of time.

And because Prevensys was designed to be time-orientated, it also monitors and logs the overall health of the system over time and then allows him to review the incidence of warnings that have been presented during any specified time period.

To add to its capabilities, Prevensys displays the disk usage of the individual virtual machines to see exactly which have eaten up all the space. Furthermore, it reports the ping response times between sites, packet loss, network band width usage, latency, IOPS, CPU usage, memory usage, and a great deal more.

All in all, a comprehensive and high-level dashboard that presents a truly holistic overview of the entire estate.

Drilling down to get the heart of an issue with the diagnostics dashboard.

In addition to keeping a close eye on the system’s overall vital signs, with just a few clicks of a mouse Prevensys enables Kim Nielsen to quickly and easily drill down into individual elements for more detailed diagnostics.

 If for any reason a machine isn’t working at full capacity, causing issues, or is in a warning or error state; he simply switches to VM performance. Prevensys automatically presents him with a series of highly detailed information covering: how much CPU it is using, disk latency, network traffic, how long it has been operating, any heartbeat, the energy it is using, how much active memory there is, read IOPS, the network data transmitted, and how much disk usage is being used in VSAN.

This ability to view the functionality of any machine in clear, precise, time-orientated detail is one of the key reasons why Prevensys was chosen for the task.

Diagnostics can also end user frustration by reducing mean time resolution by 95%.

With 300 clinicians on the system, being able to respond quickly to user issues such as slow performance is of paramount importance, which is where the Citrix XenApp diagnostics dashboard plays a crucial role.

All Kim Nielsen requires is the user’s name and he can immediately see every machine they have been logged onto, together with the dates and times of every interaction.

This provides him with a complete picture of network performance as it relates to the user in question, including the historical data held, trend performance over time; while external login simulators record both login time and actual up time.

As a result, Prevensys leaves no stone unturned in order to deliver all the information he needs in order to resolves user issues in the quickest possible time.

Prevensys: the next generation of IT monitoring systems.

Prevensys is more than just a monitoring system, it provides IT managers such as Kim Nielsen with clarity and peace of mind.

The attention to detail and impressive capabilities offered by Prevensys is unprecedented in its field. Other monitoring systems are cumbersome and require you to navigate through multiple screens in order to finally locate the issue in question, but the modern look and feel of Prevensys combined with its intuitive dashboards and time-orientated functionality puts the competition in the shade.

By delivering 24/7/365 monitoring and real-time alerting to service ticket requests, combined with trend performance over time, Prevensys will ensure that your system performs at the very peak of health, both today and in the years to come.

The Dept. of Oncology, Medical Physics at Aarhus University Hospital is just one of many healthcare teams that rely on Prevensys on a daily basis.

Discover the many benefits of Prevensys for yourself.

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