Solutions for the social housing sector

At Quadris, we develop, deliver, manage, and support IT solutions that allow professionals within the social housing sector to do their job more efficiently, effectively, and securely wherever they may be.



Well-engineered IT infrastructure and secure access to data can help social housing teams deliver a better, high-quality service.

More reliable systems and access to data enables better decision making which reduces the incidence of IT led frustrations and consequent impact on customer service. 

At Quadris, we work with the IT management in the social housing sector to develop, deliver, manage, and support organisation-wide IT solutions that allow the people on the ground to do their job efficiently, effectively, and securely.

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What are your strategic goals?

Running the IT function of any organisation is a huge task, with daily pressures that come from all directions that must be handled on top of the key strategic drivers. Our team have extensive experience in helping you reach these goals, which may include:

  • Improving the overall customer experience
  • Making data more accessible, more often to your staff
  • Leveraging big data across your organisation and deriving real value from it
  • Protecting customer data & building a  cyber security framework
  • Making data more accessible to the public
  • Improving your staff collaboration & communication tools
  • Building a flexible hybrid working model for your teams
  • Using AI to drive research and data sciences
  • Working towards a Cloud-first strategy for future services
  • Building an open architecture and phase out legacy, proprietary systems

Underlying all your strategic goals, Quadris is committed to helping you work towards sustainability and reducing your carbon offset using a range of modern technologies. Indeed, we are working ourselves to be carbon net zero by the year 2040 (read more).


What services do we offer?

From class-leading infrastructure that powers some of the most complex imaging and scanning devices through to helping institutions move to the cloud, we offer a range of managed services that work around your needs.

Introducing Cloud with a difference

Quadris Cloud is a class-leading public cloud service, but with the comfort of having an experienced and accessible personal support team at the end of the phone or email when you need them.

With Quadris Cloud you can begin the move to a “cloud first” strategy without the fear that you will be left alone to navigate complex setup, migration issues, or costs that can soon escalate out of control.


Why partner with a Managed Service Provider?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes choose to outsource elements of their IT & infrastructure to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to better utilise their internal teams, increase capacity or bring in specialist skills. Social Housing Organisations are the same, in that they need to have scalable, well-trained teams that can react to the needs of the business.

This instant scalability and access to specialist staff is why so many social housing providers rely on MSPs like Quadris to design, implement and manage systems on their behalf and in line with their strategic goals, which usually proves more cost effective than building an internal team with the right skills from scratch.


Our credentials

Quadris is proud to be registered and approved on a number of the UK’s purchasing and quality frameworks.

Cyber Essentials Plus


G-Cloud 13

ISO/IEC 27001



Delivering in collaboration with


Some of our success stories

Empowering 400 ForHousing employees to work remotely

ForHousing provides quality homes and places, making more things possible for more people and providing the building blocks to a better life. Read how we helped them with our Managed Digital Workspace service.

Golden Lane Housing supplied with IT infrastructure and remote working

When Golden Lane Housing made the decision to separate from Mencap as an entity, it raised all sorts of IT related challenges. They came to us to help solve them.



If you’d like to learn more about our solutions for social housing but prefer to read offline, then download a copy of our Solutions for Social Housing brochure.


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